Bardo beer is HERE!

Come on by  Tues-Fri 6pm on, Sat &Sun 1pm on...

1200-1216  Bladensburg Rd, NE. DC
500 outdoor seats, cornhole and beer

Yes, the first year of Bardo brewing was 1994, so we are rolling back the prices 20 years! To Celebrate our 2 decades of makin beer... $3.75 a pint,  $9.91 a pitcher

NEWS! The INSIDE is open... take a look ... no more getting rained out!!!

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Bardo beer  descriptions

 14 year old White Lightnin Barleywine on tap

One of our buddies stored a keg from the Bardo Amissville brewery ( vintage 1999) in his cellar.  We just pulled it out for tapping!   Cask Conditioned and Aged to a Smooth drink.  Fermented down to ~ 13%.  When was the last time you drank 14 year old beer on tap? NEVER?  Well now is your chance to taste GABF award winning beer, aged 14 years to a fine perfection.   NOTE: There are ~200 glasses in the Keg.   $45,  and your  pour includes a Commemorative Glass!

Play "where's Waldo".. and find yourself in these pics... click on the photo for a Hi-Res version

2014 bike party

Bardo is available for private parties and fundraisers. Just contact us ( email or stop by) for more details


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